Saturday, December 17, 2011

Its Your birthday. :)

Hey Mahazzan Anuar !

Wish panjang panjang dah eh dekat text. Main guitar and salah chord pon dah. malu23. -.- HAHA. dekat sini tak payah dah lah kan. :P

I hope since we know each other, you never hate me until now but your love getting strong. aww. haha. *saya tau saya sengal. tapi suwiittt kan ? eceh, senyum apa pasal. eventhough we dont have any relation right ? just as TTM maybe. idk what's our status. but now for sure we are just a crush. :')

Doesnt matter lah ape kan, yang penting awak dah tua ! yeayy. and you just finished your dip. congratulation, i am sure that you'll get a superb result. amin ~ :)

hey boy,

and again, I wish you all the best in everything. <33

Mucho LOVE :)

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