Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New New New

Assalamualaikum people,

Here I am again , its been a year, a month , a week I guess I left my blog hanging right ? Now its time to show up again. *sounds like I have many readers ;p

A lot to tell, but how do I begin. Which one to start ?

Okay, lets start with new sem in USM as HBP student in Interior Design. Yes like usual, first day studio, we already have a project waiting for us. Andd Alhamdulillah dah selamat disubmitkan. Project yang pertama ni quite interesting lah jugak. Even memang failed guna water colour. We have to draw a fusion of building in georgetown. Although my water colouring is so bad, I guess my lecturer is okay with that. Hee :)
Here's a picture of my drawing :

Yeaaa, its not so good, but not so bad jugak la kan kan ? Kira nampak lah jugak tone tone nya tu. 
And for our second project, kami diberi masa 2 minggu untuk siapkan. Tajuk diaaa "The comfortable Chair".
Nampak apa kami kena buat ? We have to design a comfort chair which is unique and not only design it, but we have to create a model too. Anddd now still tak buat apa2 lagi. How many days left ? Its a 5 menggg. Next monday will be the submission. Nice right. Yes Im a last minute person. How to change that ha ? Ok bye.

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