Monday, June 27, 2011

Wake Up !

Dear biea, 

there's a time that u'll feel this way, so avoid it, because one day it will break ur heart. and actually, it has. so accept it. open a new book bebeh, try to live with this condition, without thinking of stupid thing comes in ur life, focus ! iloveyouu !

Nabihah. :)

ok, motif aku buat cmnei ? err, saje nak menenangkan hati petang petang cmnei. serabut dengan assignment , report and HOMESICK, seriously. and and and hari ney aku tak bawak jotter book chemistry time nak buat experiment tadi. nahhhh, kena potong markah. hari ney sangat lah nano , aku pon tak tau kenapa. eyy eyy. tension jek. uh ! terus tak de selera nak makan tengahari tadi. =.='

to you who angry with me, im sorrrrryyyyyy ! :(

*damn ! i lose. imissyou lah sengal. hish ! go away!  T.T

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