Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2 subjects more ?

argh ! two subjects left then i'll stop schooling. so pathetic. ahah !
anyway. im gonna miss my school. the sweet memory will never fade from my mind. hmm.
no more rowcall in the middle of the night. outing with dorms member. hmm. mo more silent mode. no more warden. no more 'dema'. no more escape from seminar. ahah. ade ke? ta de kot. hee. no more birthday treats. last preparation for exam. overnight study fot next paper. sleep in class ! HAHA. muke da kene mark selalu tidoo. hee. no more 'date' in front of the teachers room. lalala ~ study lah. hehe. aduii. mestii rinduu gile time ney sume. waaaa!! sedih sgtt. guys. remember me okey ? gonna miss electric1, dorms member, da students, teachers n school. syg korang ketat-ketat <3 eheh.

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